Planning + Services

The requirements for electromagnetically shielded rooms are varied. In addition to the basic requirements for shielding effectiveness, we also consider the technical requirements of specialist engineers, the design wishes of architects and planners, the security-related classifications of the authorities and the customer’s deadlines.

The value of shielded rooms goes far beyond their visual impact. With our planning concepts we master the challenge of reconciling security, acceptance and well-being requirements. We create security-oriented synergies for conference and meeting rooms through cross-divisional overall planning.

To meet all your wishes and requirements, our planning department of architects, RF engineers and craftspeople with many years of experience is at your disposal. Talk to us about your requirements! We’ll be happy to help you solve your challenges.



Successful building designs combine all components into a functioning whole. With our overall planning approach, we make the best solutions feasible. By combining our expertise, we develop complex plans for a wide variety of construction projects of various sizes. Depending on your needs, you will receive individual sectoral plans or an overall plan that covers everything.

Safety measures during construction

The quality of a tap-proof room begins with the installation of the room. Especially in daily construction operations, the components used can only be checked for security in a limited way. If the false walls, false floors and suspended ceilings are installed, the spaces in between can usually only be inspected for eavesdropping devices with considerable effort. The same applies to the technical building equipment.

In official and military areas, rooms that are protected against eavesdropping are monitored already during the construction period and are constantly subjected to eavesdropping protection measures. With the arrival of these rooms in private companies and public limited companies, there is an increasing demand for security measures implemented during construction. EMshield GmbH can fully meet this requirement. With the competence that comes from installing more than 200 eavesdropping-protected rooms and over 10 years of experience in eavesdropping protection, EMshield is virtually predestined to implement these two protective measures simultaneously.