About us

EMshield GmbH specializes in consulting, planning, project planning and the implementation of electromagnetic shielding for special requirements. Our main business area includes interception-secure rooms, technical shielding and security projects. A second important pillar of the company is the sale of measuring instruments for eavesdropping protection (mainly eavesdropping and bugging protection), as well as the training courses and services associated with them.

EMshield GmbH is based in Grasbrunn near Munich, in the heart of Europe. The premises include offices, training areas as well as warehouse and shipping infrastructure. Our production facilities are located near to the company headquarters.

From its origins in the 1990s to the present day, the company’s activities have been shaped by an overriding principle: our determination to produce the very best and highest quality products and thus to satisfy the most exacting customer requirements.


EMshield team

As an independent, owner-managed company, we build on our most valuable capital, our employees, in addition to outstanding products. Our customers benefit from the state-of-the-art competence and experience of our architects, engineers and master craftspeople.

With security-certified personnel, we are in a position to implement projects worldwide. We also create security-oriented synergies for conference and meeting rooms through cross-divisional planning.

The value of shielded rooms goes far beyond their visual impact. With our planning concepts, we master the challenge of reconciling security, acceptance and well-being requirements. We assure our customers of these properties with our performance guarantee.

Patents + Memberships

We are the proud holders of a number of patents – a concrete demonstration to our customers of our capacity for innovation.


Shielded door ‘ARCtec-flex door’

EMshield GmbH holds the patent for the shielded door offered as part of the ARCtec-flex series.


Bayerischer Sicherheitspreis [Bavarian Security Award]

EMshield GmbH has received the Bavarian Security Award of the Bavarian Association for Security in Business (BVSW).



A long-term and successful partnership is based on the sensible use of synergies. EMshield’s partner network creates effective added value for our customers and combines competent partner expertise with our products and solutions to benefit all parties. The close link between committed partners in the EMshield network enables us to offer customers extensions to our own solution portfolio.

Due to strong international demand, EMshield GmbH has established a constantly growing network of partners.

Our partners

Partner: Schirmtechnik Nord