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ARCtec®-flex – Secure Furniture – Acrylic glass furniture

ARCtec®-flex – Secure Furniture – Acrylic glass furniture

Furniture is to be regarded as the preferred object of attack for an illegal wiretapping operation. In a bug-proof meeting room, in accordance with the requirements of many European institutions only furniture that does not offer investment possibilities are permitted.

Our ARCtec®-flex – Secure Furniture has been developed in cooperation with the safety authorities of the European Union and offers highest safety with full functionality and design.

REI Mesa

News from REI: MESA™ Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

News from REI: MESA™  Mobility Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer

The MESA™ is a portable, handheld RF receiver that detects known, unknown, illegal, disruptive, or interfering transmissions. MESA™ has the portability and operational features not found on other spectrum analyzers.

It provides tools, specifications and design features for locating unknown signals throughout a wide frequency range up to 6 GHz (12 GHz with the Down Converter antenna).